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We need change now

Construction is one of most resource intensive industries worldwide. In the Netherlands alone the built environment accounts for 40% of all the material and energy consumption. Material waste streams aggregate to 4 million tons per year, while there is a potential value of endless reuse.

The circular economy provides this potential value of endless reuse. It preserves natural ecosystems, reduces carbon emissions and creates smart and sustainable urban areas.

At the same time, circular change in the industry is slow. This calls for action!

Circular scale-ups will drive that change

This gives great opportunities for innovative, technology-driven entrepreneurs in the construction industry. But only those that scale will drive that change. Excellent scale-ups are required, and together we must increase their chances of success by creating the right context. Only then the construction market will transfer into a circular one!

You can be a part of this success

Join Circular@Scale, a dedicated program for scale-ups and their business partners to trailblaze the circular economy by entrepreneurship.

Our program consists of 4 workstreams

01. Research

A handbook on ‘Best Practices for Scaling in the Circular Economy’, based on our analysis on success factors for circular scale-ups. And a tool for circular scale-ups in the program to track and report their impact on the circular economy.

02. ScaleUpCircular

A hands-on coaching and educational program to help 10-12 scale-ups with their strategic and operational challenges to scale. We triple your probability to scale.

03. Circular Landmarks

Collaborations between participating scale-ups and their business partners, construction contractors, to co-create large iconic circular projects.

04. Circular Contracting

Masterclasses for employees of construction contractors to prepare your organization for circular contracting and successful collaboration with circular scale-ups.

Advocacy & Communication

Get exposure in the industry and at policy level where the program accelerates the movement and creates a favorable context.

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