“The whole ecosystem needs to be
onboard to make a change.”

"We will not be able to change this huge industry unless we collaborate."

Meet Menno van Dijk, CEO and Founder ScaleUpNation Menno is a big believer in the success factors for scale-up ventures in circular construction. As founder and CEO of ScaleUpNation, he embraces the entrepreneurial power.

After being a director at McKinsey and co-founder of THNK, the school for creative leadership, he started ScaleUpNation to support innovative enterprises that have societal impact.

"Big meets small, to become the new big"

Meet Guido Braam, CEO Powered by Meaning group

Guido is a big believer in and frontrunner of the Circular Economy. Eight years ago he decided to fully focus on working towards a Circular Economy, as one of the first people to do so. Over the years he has worked with governments, NGOs, and companies to turn the linear economy into a circular one. As CEO of the Powered by Meaning Group he is able to create meaningful businesses and help others on their circular journey.

"I want to make the Netherlands 100% circular"

Meet Wouter van Twillert, Program director Circular@Scale Wouter has a passion to make the Netherlands 100 % circular with initiatives like C-creators and Circular@Scale. He believes in entrepreneurship as the key to success.

"We bring together the best brains to solve this huge challenge."

Meet Annie Chen, customer champion at ScaleUpNation Annie is ScaleUpNation’s customer champion, she is responsible for helping ventures to create meaningful market pull. Annie studied biology at Harvard and her working background includes tech start-ups, Philips innovation, and working with the inspiring scale-up companies in the Netherlands.

For Circular@Scale she is responsible for selecting the most interesting and promising circular scale-ups in the Netherlands to join ScaleUpCircular.

"Successful circular commissioners increase the market & accelerate this movement"

Meet Maaike Broekhuis, Project manager of Circular@Scale

Maaike is responsible to create inspiring collaborations around the circular landmarks of the future and to guide organisations towards successful circular commissioning.

Maaike is responsible for two of the four work streams within the program;

  1. Circular Landmarks: design and collaboration of the circular landmark projects of the future
  2. Circular Contracting: masterclasses to guide organisations towards successful circular working.