"We bring together the best brains to solve this huge challenge."

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August 17th, 2020

Meet Annie Chen, customer champion at ScaleUpNation Annie is ScaleUpNation’s customer champion, she is responsible for helping ventures to create meaningful market pull. Annie studied biology at Harvard and her working background includes tech start-ups, Philips innovation, and working with the inspiring scale-up companies in the Netherlands.

For Circular@Scale she is responsible for selecting the most interesting and promising circular scale-ups in the Netherlands to join ScaleUpCircular.

What do you hope Circular@Scale will bring to the construction market? The construction industry urgently needs innovation. It accounts for 40% of all material and energy consumption in the Netherlands, which we see as an entrepreneurial opportunity as much as a societal challenge. Especially in the context of the coronavirus, where social distancing guidelines and a new work-from-home reality mean that millions of square meters of commercial real estate will need to be repurposed. Circular@Scale aims to help scale-ups with innovative, adaptable, and circular solutions to tackle the scalable challenges of the construction business.

We look forward to bringing and implementing a circular mindset to the construction sector, and shape the future of our work and living.

Why are projects like CS important? Because it’s really difficult to scale a venture in circular construction, the odds are not good. The whole ecosystem needs to be onboard to make a change in order to break through this current stagnation.

__Why should a scale-up join the program? __ We need to bring together the best brains in the country to solve this huge challenge. How could you miss out on being part of the brain trust shaping our sustainable future?