“We need both innovative solutions and market demand in order to let the circular economy succeed.”

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February 7th, 2021

Lotte Loeber, Sr Consultant at Kirkman Company

Lotte is responsible to guide organisations towards successful circular commissioning. Via the Circular Contracting masterclasses (workstream 4), Lotte aims to help organisations starting and maintaining more circular collaborations.

After her Psychology study, Lotte rolled into the world of sustainability and the circular economy. The past 5 years she was involved in multiple projects in this field for both public and private organisations.

What do you hope Circular@Scale will bring to the construction market

I hope that more circular innovative solutions will be applied.

Why is a program like Circular@Scale important?

In order to accelerate the circular economy we need more innovative solutions. Often these solutions come from scale-ups. The growth and stability of these scale-ups does not only depend on their financial and organizational stability, it also depends on market demand for circular solutions. This program can create more awareness of circular solutions among commissioners.

Why should partners like landmark co-creators and contractors join?

Circular innovations encounter more entry barriers. One of the barriers is that they operate in a different context, since the circular economy is not yet standard, and that therefore scale-ups require more market demand to be able to scale in the circular economy. Contractors have an important role in stimulating this market demand.