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August 11th, 2020

Meet Maaike Broekhuis, Project manager of Circular@Scale

Maaike is responsible to create inspiring collaborations around the circular landmarks of the future and to guide organisations towards successful circular commissioning.

Maaike is responsible for two of the four work streams within the program;

  1. Circular Landmarks: design and collaboration of the circular landmark projects of the future
  2. Circular Contracting: masterclasses to guide organisations towards successful circular working.

What is your background in the circular economy? I've worked with both public and private organizations to help them in their transformation towards circularity and in their collaboration in public private ecosystems. Circularity requires a new way of working and therefore a combination of commitment, expertise, strategy, alignment and change management. In addition collaboration based on co-creation and innovation is needed to tackle the complex challenges of the transition towards a circular economy.

What do you hope (expect) Circular@Scale will bring in the market? A real circular breakthrough in the construction industry! Hopefully we inspire others to jump on the circular wave by showing the possibilities with innovative circular solutions from the scale-ups and successful iconic projects.

Why is a program like Circular@Scale important? I believe that we need to maximize chances for scale-ups to grow by developing the circular market and addressing barriers in the scale-up context. The strength of this program is for me the integration of theory and practice with research, masterclasses and construction projects, and the connection between different stakeholders.

Why should partners like Scale-ups, Landmark co-creators and construction contractors join? To be part of a breakthrough in the Dutch circular economy and work together within the value chain in projects with the top circular scale-ups.