"We will not be able to change this huge industry unless we collaborate."

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August 24th, 2020

Meet Menno van Dijk, CEO and Founder ScaleUpNation Menno is a big believer in the success factors for scale-up ventures in circular construction. As founder and CEO of ScaleUpNation, he embraces the entrepreneurial power.

After being a director at McKinsey and co-founder of THNK, the school for creative leadership, he started ScaleUpNation to support innovative enterprises that have societal impact.

__What do you hope (expect) Circular@Scale will bring in the market? Scale-up ventures equipped with clear priorities in the next step of their scaling journey and an appetite to deliver outsize impact in the circular economy. New and actionable insights on what it takes to scale in the industry.

Why are projects like Circular@Scale important? Wolves alone hunt rabbits, wolves together hunt bison. We will not be able to change this huge industry unless we collaborate.

Why should scale-up join the program? It takes courage to scale. Circular construction is unexplored territory and taking on this challenge is not for the faint of heart. Partners should join if they are ready to discover something new and leave a meaningful legacy.