"Entrepreneurs are essential in the transition towards a circular economy"

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October 28th, 2020

Our newest white paper focusses on the construction sector and to what extent boosting scale ups could be a needed intervention in transforming to a circular economy.

The circular economy addresses the challenges we face in our current economy, and offers an inspiring prospect for the future; a new perspective on working, developing, producing and consuming.

In the past years a variety of start-ups have grown in mature start-ups or even scale-ups. Some of these entrepreneurs are disrupting the way we think about architecture, design and construction.

At the same time, the construction sector is a conservative one. Circular scale-ups implement different ways of working new and business models, which often end up becoming road blocks and hinder the scaling process due to the traditional standards in the sector.

Circular scale-ups face a number of barriers in the construction sector. Their new ways of working collide with the traditional systems in place. Unless these barriers are transformed into success factors, they will become road blocks and hinder the scaling process.

So, how does the industry need to develop to ensure growth among circular scale-ups? How might we change the rules of the game in favor of the circular economy?

Find out in our newest white paper: Circular Economy at Scale.

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